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The Netherlands


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Some Info over my QTH

Story About PE1OLM

Hello my name is Gialt Biesma i'm born on 22 March 1968 in Leeuwarden. Now i live in a small Village called Berlikum (Frl) JO23TF thats in the N/W part of the Netherlands in the Province Friesland (Fryslán) where i work as a electrician.

Ham Story !

I'am hamradio amateur since 1 May 1992 before i was a SWL PA-9520.My first contacts where with some local hams on 2m with homemade J-ant. My first transceiver was a Icom IC-260e 2m all mode.

Since 1993 i'am also running a packet bbs and a link on Two Qrg's. Since 5 march 2000 i have official call for that PI8BLK/PI1BLK. Since 1 June 2007 I Closed the 2m Port Because No Users Anymore, Also the 70Cm ports are closed since 1 January 2008.Now i Running a DX-Cluster on the internet.Call PI8BLK-7 Telnet Acces Via Port 8000. Since January 2012 i have a Hotspot for D-Star On 2m 144.912.5 MHz Linked on Reflector DSC007-B.The Board I Use is a UP4DAR. The transciever is a Yaesu FT-7800.

With the license i have we may now work on HF Since September 2003. There i be active with Dxing SSB phone, RTTY, SSTV, And Bpsk31. For digimode i use Microham Microkeyer II. The Antenne's i use are a Fritzel FD-4 Hanging in Iverted-V and a Antron A-99 Vertical. I'am Also active in some Contest Uksmg 6m,PACC HF(PA3FKN),IOTA HF,and when the time is there some VHF with PI9A.

I'm Qrv On The Next Bands :

The transceivers For HF i have are a Yaesu FTdx-5000MP , FT-920 (Contest), FT-817ND(Traveling). I'm also a lucky owner of a SPE 1K-FA Amplifier for HF and 6M.

For VHF/UHF i use a Kenwood TS-790e allmode, Kenwood TM-v71 For Fm, Yaesu FT-8900 For Fm, Icom IC-2820 For D-Star, Icom IC-2820 For Mobil D-Star, Icom IC-E92D For Hotspot Work At Home, Kenwood TMD-700e APRS Home, and voor fun i have a Kenwood TH-F7.

I'm Member Of The :

V.R.Z.A Vereniging van Radio Zend Amateurs

F.R.A.G Friese Radio Amateur Groep

UKSMG Uk Six Meter Group No: 1688 SIX MEMBERS

Six Club World Wide No: 626

European Phase Shift Keying Club: #2199

Ten-Ten Internatinal Net, Inc No: 75788

Other Hobby's

In my Free time i'am also Referee at Nationale and Internationale Short-Track speedskating competitions i do this now for a couple of years.Since September 2009 i'am on the list for European Championships World-Cup's and World Championships Also I was Video Referee ladies at the Sotsji Olympics in 2014 and for the coming Olympics again. Also in the winter time i play some biljarts at a club in Menaldum at the cafe Black-Horse that is now closed so now we play at home off one the players .









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